The Growing Need for Video Surveillance in Today’s Business Environment


Is your firm or organization doing everything possible to protect your clients, your workers and your property?

Unfortunately, commercial theft and vandalism both internally and from outside agencies has been on the rise during these unsettled times. And sadly, crime wreaks havoc on the bottom line of any business or organization – from financial loss to an unexpected interruption in operations to the potential damage to your goodwill and reputation. Customers and employees need to feel secure when they visit or work at your establishment. Therefore, if you have growing concerns with the safety of your staff, your customers and/or your physical assets, then you should strongly consider a state-of-art IP video surveillance system.

The facts are simple and undeniable – video monitoring deters criminal activity. FBI statistics show that a business with a monitored security system is 4.5 times less likely to be burglarized. When would-be criminals see that you have taken extra steps to protect your business and its patrons, they will likely seek out more vulnerable targets for their acts of robbery, vandalism, shoplifting, or personal attacks. Bottom line, wrongdoers will be far more hesitant to commit a criminal act knowing that you have the ability to catch them in the act.

The additional protection of your people, property and assets provided by an advanced video surveillance system will help you focus on what matters most – your core business. The cameras and the recording capability will quickly become indispensable whenever there is a security breach or a situation that benefits from video inspection.

Today’s cameras provide an exceptional level of image detail and are designed with the recording intelligence required to help you make sense of what you’re witnessing. Depending upon your specific requirements, a broad range of leading-edge cameras are at your disposal:

  • Thermal imaging cameras designed for low-light applications
  • 360-degree multi-sensor cameras
  • High-resolution cameras for maximum scene coverage and enhanced detail
  • Indoor cameras to monitor the activities of your staff and/or customers
  • Environmentally hardened cameras to provide enhanced protection for potentially vulnerable and unsafe areas, such as entryways, parking lots, obscured alleys, and loading docks

Also, an IP-based video surveillance system provides convenient monitoring from anywhere. On-site personnel can easily access the camera feed on the internet from their laptop or workstation and authorized remote users can pull up live or recorded footage with just a few taps of their laptop or smartphone. The end result –  site activity can be viewed at any time of the day – from any location. And if required, these modern security systems can be set up to automatically alert law-enforcement and emergency authorities located near your facility.

By protecting your business, employees, and clients with an effective video surveillance system, you are improving the overall operation, efficiency, safety, and profitability of your business. Video surveillance will also give you, the business owner or manager, a way to protect your operations around the clock while providing you with reduced stress and greater peace of mind.

Additional Benefits of a Video Surveillance System

The value of a video surveillance system goes well beyond simply deterring criminal behavior. Video monitoring can readily provide you with the following added benefits in addition to the increased security:

  • Reduced Insurance Payments
    • Insurance companies appreciate clients that take their property’s safety seriously and have the ability to remotely track and record activity at their facility 24/7. Additionally, video monitoring can protect your business from potential financial repercussions due to falsified workman’s comp, harassment, and liability claims. Thus, a proven video surveillance system can potentially reduce insurance premiums by upwards of 20%.
  • Human Resources Asset
    • Incidents requiring further investigation occur with much greater frequency in today’s workplace. Conceivably contentious episodes that could interfere with your day-to-day operations include the following:
      • On-site accident leading to physical injury
      • Physical altercation between staff and/or customers
      • Harassment charges filed by an employee

      A video surveillance system may help offer indisputable proof of these events, complete with timestamps and reviewable footage, to provide an unbiased view as to what happened. Real-life examples include the following:

      • Video footage may help exonerate an employee from a false claim filed by a fellow employee, customer or vendor which, in turn, will help expedite the investigation and mitigate costly legal expenses.
      • Specific to sexual harassment, security cameras can be invaluable by documenting instances of inappropriate contact or aggression.

      Essentially, the mere presence of a conspicuous video monitoring system will help to discourage improper behavior if they know they are being watched.

  • Valuable Evidence Collection
    • An effective video monitoring system can prove to be a powerful tool for local law enforcement. High-quality security cameras can collect the critical evidence needed to help identify, apprehend, and prosecute perpetrators and potentially lead to the recovery of stolen goods. In addition to providing evidence of a crime, they can also clarify he-said, she-said situations or work in your defense if you or an employee are being falsely accused.
  • Enhanced Employee Safety
    • Security cameras play an important role in workplace safety. Just as monitoring your premises can help ensure the safety of your customers, video surveillance can also be used to mitigate the risk to your employees’ safety. Common safety benefits of real-time video monitoring include the following capabilities:
      • Help spot any potential workplace hazards
      • Identify and stop risky employee practices
      • Single out employees who misuse equipment or deliberately bypass safety controls.

      If an accident does occur, the video footage can help identify the sequence of events that led up to the incident and assist in driving new solutions, such as increased training or process modifications, for the prevention of similar accidents in the future.

  • Increased Employee Productivity
    • A key objective of any business venture or organization is to generate increased revenue and/or minimize costs. Poor productivity and faulty operational measures can jeopardize the achievement of these goals. Studies have documented that employees in workplaces under video surveillance tend to be more productive for the following reasons:
      • Employees spend less time socializing.
      • Management and business owners spend less time physically monitoring their workers.
      • Workers are less likely to overextend their allotted time frames for breaks or lunch.
      • Conversely, a good deed can be witnessed and appropriately rewarded.

      The end result – the mere presence of a camera encourages employees to stay more focused on their work while on company time.

  • Compliance Adherence
    • All businesses and organizations are subject to some level of compliance with local, state, and federal laws and/or government regulations. A video monitoring system can help confirm adherence to these laws, regulations, and policies. For example, a restaurant can use video systems to ensure that employees are handling food safely and complying with health codes.


Enhanced security for your data and increased protection of your physical assets (people/structure/goods) are now ‘must haves’ in the business community. Thus, whether you are looking to confirm the overall effectiveness of your existing video surveillance system or considering the purchase and installation of  an entirely new video solution, Qnectus should be your first call.

Our process begins with an on-site evaluation of your property and business operations to identify vulnerabilities and problem areas that require additional protection. Our video expertise and  wide array of surveillance equipment will allow us to engineer and install a customized solution tailored to combat your property’s specific security threats.

Contact Qnectus today to start a conversation.

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