How Qnectus Helped an E-Commerce Seller Make Better Data-Driven Decisions

Greenville Ventures is an e-commerce seller based in Kennett Square, PA.

In September 2020, Greenville Ventures ran into some trouble managing a large-scale marketing blitz for one of its websites. Though the team was constantly reviewing data in an attempt to make the best decisions possible, a handful of minor errors led to more than 6000 unexpected backorders – a major customer service headache that ultimately impacted both the length and success of the promotion.

These errors were largely the result of marketers having to work across three systems simultaneously: the backend of the ad platform, the backend of the warehouse management system (WMS), and the backend of the web interface (Shopify). With daily ad budgets often in excess of $100,000 and more than 150 unique SKUs, the Greenville team was overburdened with numbers, manual calculations, and a whole lot of moving parts.

Enter Qnectus.

As an IT company that designs scalable solutions for fast-growing companies, Qnectus worked with Greenville to do the following:

  • Identify critical data across the ad platform, the WMS, and Shopify.
  • Design, develop, and integrate a data visualization platform with the relevant data streams.
  • Present both raw and computed data cleanly to assist decision-making.

The end results were (and remain) fantastic:

  • The marketing team was able to spend most of its time in the data visualization platform instead of bouncing back-and-forth across systems.
  • Data requiring computation(s) were automatically presented in their final form – allowing Greenville to more rapidly and accurately make decisions.
  • Additional third-party data streams from common carriers (both domestic and international) were integrated to provide additional insight regarding lead times.


The end result: A workable prototype took about three weeks to develop and another three weeks to test and implement into production. At the time of the next major promotional event, Greenville realized higher levels of volume over a longer stretch of time with hardly any inventory-related errors. Qnectus’ solution has become a cornerstone of Greenville’s daily marketing activities which generate between 4000-8000 e-commerce orders per day and climbing.