Network, Server & Endpoint Issues: Why Qnectus Takes a Closer Look


Creating the most effective and efficient IT infrastructure should be the primary goal of any IT Managed Services Provider (MSP). While many MSPs try to patch disruptive or persistent IT issues with hardware or software upgrades, Qnectus leverages industry best practices to get to the root of technical issues. This article covers two common issues that many businesses face and lays out the cutting-edge solutions Qnectus implements to optimize IT infrastructure the right way.

Common Issue #1: Mismanagement of Network Infrastructure

The Issue: Mismanagement of network infrastructure is one of the most common problems in IT. If your business has ever suffered dropped connections, slow connections, or remote server reboots, you know how frustrating this issue can be. All too often, MSPs offer basic recommendations around hardware or software upgrades to combat network connectivity issues without truly knowing the cause of the problem.

Industry Best Practice: Network Consultation. To protect your business and optimize your network, Qnectus System Administrators review your entire network infrastructure and identify underlying issues before making hardware/software suggestions:

  • In order to achieve optimum network performance, we first verify that configuration, routing, cabling and management of all network devices is functioning correctly.
  • We review all practices involving distribution of network traffic across individual VLANs (guest v. production wireless access, VoIP traffic, web camera traffic, physical building security such as cameras or card access readers, printers/scanners, etc.).
  • Whenever possible, we physically segment VoIP traffic from the data network on separate network switches.

By understanding the underlying issues of a customer’s network, Qnectus can effectively make sound recommendations when it is time to update network devices, software, and/or cabling.

Common Issue #2: Device and Server Configuration 

The Issue: Many businesses face poor server and/or endpoint performance due to improper configuration and management. When users have unrestricted access to make changes to a PC or session on a server, they have the ability to create processes that can adversely affect PC and/or server performance. External storage devices found on PCs also pose a security risk to the network and offer an easy medium for viruses to infect a network. Again, many MSPs simply recommend hardware and or software upgrades to deal with this issue without analyzing the more nuanced issues at play.

Best Practice: Device and Server Consultation. When dealing with server/endpoint issues, Qnectus performs a careful analysis of server and PC performance to ensure that the devices are configured and managed properly:

  • First, we verify that servers are configured correctly. Proper server configuration includes specific layers of security, where user permissions and access should constantly be reviewed and updated as needed.   
  • With the relatively inexpensive availability of storage and data transfer, we assist clients in restricting access to external storage devices (i.e. USB/CD/DVD read/write access).

A thorough exploration and analysis of server/endpoint issues always yields a more comprehensive set of solutions than simply adjusting software or hardware, and Qnectus is committed to this approach.


Working with an MSP who manages and configures your infrastructure according to industry best practices will prolong the lifespan of your technology. At Qnectus, we strive to uncover the root cause of any IT issues and effectively communicate our findings so you understand the full story. If you are having either of the common IT issues mentioned in this article or just want to schedule a checkup, please don’t hesitate to contact us today — we will treat your business like it’s our own, and our thorough consulting solutions are second to none.

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